Mondelēz wants 100 % sustainable chocolate by 2025

Mondelēz wants 100% sustainable chocolate by 2025
Mondelēz International

Food producer Mondelēz International, known from such brands as Côte d’Or and Oreo, has expressed its ambition to solely use sustainable cocoa for all its brands by 2025. 


Nearly half

Sustainability label Cocoa Life was founded in 2012 and in 2015, Côte d'Or became the first brand of the current Mondelēz group allowed to carry the logo. Currently, 43 % of all chocolate produced by Mondelēz International is Cocoa Life certified, but the company wants to turn that into 100 % by 2025.


Cocoa farmers face a whole range of challenges, such as climate change, poverty and child labour. Cocoa Life is active in six cocoa-manufacturing countries to transform the farmers' sustenance and create a sustainable cocoa supply chain. The sustainability programme provides knowledge, training and guidance to the local communities, allowing them to take steps of their own towards handling these challenges. Today, Cocoa Life reaches 142,000 cocoa farmers and supports the development of 1,400 communities.


CEO Dirk Van de Put encourages other members of the industry to tackle the issues together to achieve sustainable change. He is happy his company takes the lead in this struggle: "Our company is playing a significant role in making snacking both sustainable and mindful by creating a future where people and planet thrive, and evolving our portfolio to inspire mindful snacking habits. I’m proud of our progress in 2018, particularly in well-being snacks where we were able to reach a major goal ahead of schedule."