Metro trials in-store vegetable greenhouse

Metro trials in-store vegetable greenhouse
Foto: Merav Maroody

Metro Cash & Carry has launched a pilot project in Berlin, as a collaboration with food start-up Infarm. What is fresher than herbs and vegetables grown in the store itself?

Lower ecological footprint

Metro will grow herbs and vegetables in a 5 sqm greenhouse, simply placed on the store floor. The vegetables are grown with water, enriched with nutrients and heated by adjusted lights. This so-called hydrophonics system is clean, generates a decent turnover and is fit for small-scale use. The vertical emplacement allows to save space as well.

Customers can buy incredibly fresh vegetables that have never been in contact with pesticides and Metro's ecological footprint also drops, because it does not have to transport the food.


The pilot project will run until November, while gastronomy customers are enthused about the unique, full flavour of the vegetables, store manager Frank Niemann said.