Mega Image (Ahold Delhaize) trials new fresh concept

Mega Image (Ahold Delhaize) trials new fresh concept
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Mega Image, Ahold Delhaize's Romanian subsidiary, has opened a first store in Bucharest of a new concept called Fresh Bazar. As the name suggests, the pilot store focuses on fresh produce.


Modern grocery store

The new store is an update of the old 'aprozar', a term usually describing local grocery stores run by the government in communist times. The 84 sqm store specialises in fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and dairy - but it also offers packaged food and a selection of organic products.


The old aprozar was famous for its fresh, authentic and high-quality products, says Mega Image CEO Mircea Moga, and his company wants to reintroduce the concept to Romanian consumers - albeit in a way that fits the modern way of life.


Currently, Mega Image operates 705 stores under the Mega Image, Shop&Go and Gusturi Românești banners all over Romania. Founded in 1995, the group was acquired by Belgian Delhaize in 2000.