Meal service Takeaway sees orders increase by more than 50%

Meal delivery service has had another great year: in the fourth quarter, the number of orders rose by more than half compared to the previous year, ending 2018 with a total growth of 38 %.


93.92 million orders

Dutch is doing great: in the fourth quarter, the company processed 29.87 million orders, a 55 % growth. That brings this year's total to an impressive 93.92 million orders, 38 % more than in 2017, the company announced in a trading update.


The enormous growth in the fourth quarter is partly thanks to Germany, where Takeaway delivered more meals than in its home market of the Netherlands for the first time. Management is convinced this growth will continue for a while, considering the fact that online meal deliveries are nowhere near as popular yet in Germany as they are in other European countries. Recently, the group also announced the acquisition of its German competitor Delivery Hero – the group that includes Lieferheld, and Foodora. The 930-million euro deal is set to be closed by July.


“Our strong growth has continued in the fourth quarter of 2018," says CEO Jitse Groen. "Throughout the year, we have taken important steps to make our brand even more attractive to consumers and restaurants. Scoober has become a major logistical player in 38 cities and the introduction of B2B services will also further enhance our network effects. The acquisitions in Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania and Switzerland will strengthen and expand our business." The full year report will be released on February 13th.