McFlurry no longer contains M&M's

McFlurry no longer contains M&M's

Candy manufacturer Mars might pull M&M’s from fast food chains' desserts, in an attempt to lower consumers' sugar intake. For instance, the candy will no longer be part of McDonald's menu.

Adjust recipes

Several fast food chains currently have desserts with M&M's on their menu, like McFlurry ice creams at McDonald's. Mars is considering pulling out of these deals, because their candy elevates the dessert's sugar level considerably. One dessert already contains more sugar than a person's maximum recommended daily amount.


Banning M&M's from desserts is not the only solution currently under consideration at Mars: the company is also in talks with several fast food chains to adjust their recipes, which should allow M&M's to be part of the menu in limited fashion still.


The decision is part of a promise Mars made to several health institutions: it would limit the number of sugars in its products to meet the guidelines of the World Health Organization.