Mars's future is not as sweet

Photo: Radu Bercan /

FMCG giant Mars has launched a new slogan and corporate identity to make it clear to the world that the group is doing more than just making candy. Sustainability will also be playing a prominent role.


Pet food and rice

Like so many today, Mars wants its image to be healthier and more ethical. The group behind candy brands such as Snickers and Twix has therefore designed a new corporate identity, including a new logo and a new mission statement. The tagline "Tomorrow starts today" will be visible in all communication from now on, and the logo will be replaced by block letters in blue and green.


Mars also wants to send the message that the company does not just manufacture candy, but also pet food (including Pedigree and Whiskas), rice (Uncle Ben's) and even a line of dietary supplements based on cocoa flavanols (CocoaVia).


"Tomorrow starts today"

The manufacturer claims to be striving to "make a difference" in the world, with a focus on social questions such as climate change and working conditions. CEO Grant Reid stated on his company's Twitter account that the new brand vision is "an inspiration for pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves to do business in a way that will create enduring benefits for us and society – not just today, but for generations to come".


Andy Pharoah, vice-president strategic initiatives at Mars, told Adweek that the new corporate identity comes from the conviction that if Mars wants to be successful in the long run, the company needs to be just as differentiated as its individual company units and brands.