Mars will use more natural ingredients

Mars will use more natural ingredients

Chocolate manufacturer Mars has announced it will ban all artificial colour additives from its candy, answering the ever-louder call from the consumer who desires more natural ingredients.

Consumer demand

"Artificial colours pose no known risks to human health or safety, but consumers today are calling on food manufacturers to use more natural ingredients in their products", a Mars spokesperson told British paper The Mirror.


The company says it will collaborate with suppliers to find a natural way to preserve the products' current colour scheme in the future.


Last year, its competitor Nestlé said it would also ban artificial colours from more than 250 products in the company's product range. Back then, it was the very first major candy manufacturer that banned the substances from its products.


A study has shown that these artificial colours can contribute to young children's hyperactivity issues. That is why all products with specific artificial colours have to carry a warning that they may have a negative effect on children.