Lutosa becomes Belviva: "stress Belgian identity"

Lutosa wordt Belviva

Frozen potato brand Lutosa is changing its name to Belviva, with which it wants to emphasise its Belgian identity... and avoid legal problems.


Two steps

The name change will occur in two steps: at first, both logos will be shown nest to each other with the brand renaming itself to 'Lutosa becomes Belviva'. In two years' time, only Belviva will remain. This way, the company wants to emphasise its roots: its products are manufactured in Belgium from potatoes that were grown near its factories in the North-West part of Belgium. The name change will have no consequences for the product itself, and also most of the packaging - already featuring the Belgian tricolour - will remain the same.


However, Philipp Kluck (general manger Iglo Belgium) explains the decision for the name change also has a legal reason. "In 2013 Lutosa was acquired by McCain, which had to sell the brand name Lutosa in retailing in order to avoid forming a monopoly. This part was then bought by Findus in 2014 - which in its turn was acquired by British company Nomad Foods (which also includes the Iglo brand). However, the name change was still due for legal reasons - and that is what happens right now."