Lidl starts car sharing service for customers

Lidl starts car sharing service for customers
Foto: obs/LIDL/Mazda

With “Your own car while you shop for groceries!”, Lidl proudly presents its new car sharing service in Germany. Fifty stores in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia will feature the service, starting in September.


Car sharing on Lidl's parking spaces

Each store will have three different models of Mazda for the car sharing project, which can be reserved through the Mazda Carsharing app or car share service Finkster. The cars have to be picked up and delivered to the same store. If the pilot is successful, the project may be extended further.


Retailers have taken their role in the mobility question more seriously of late, analysts say. “The cities of the future require flexible and sustainable mobility concepts”, Lidl says in a press release. “In order to give rise to current developments and to fulfil the demand for innovative solutions, Lidl expands its cooperation in the field of mobility.”