Lidl plans to conquer Luxembourg

Lidl plans to conquer Luxembourg

Lidl has shed light on its expansion strategy for Luxembourg as it seeks to open another 12 stores in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

Investment: 100 million euro

The retailer divulged the information in a press release surrounding its 8th new store, in Strassen. By 2023, Lidl wants to have 19 stores in Luxembourg. The next store opening is in Beggen (on 23 March) and then Esch-sur-Alzette, Foetz, Dudelange and Howald.

Several of its current stores will also be remodeled and enlarged: Pétange, Ingeldorf, Differdange (which was Lidl's very first store in Luxembourg). In total, the company will invest 100 million euro into these additions and hire another 150 people.


Larger stores

The new Strassen store is 1,000 sqm and Lidl wants to open even larger stores in the future, up to 1,600 sqm. Its product portfolio, 1,800 items strong, should benefit from the additional floor space.

Particularly its fresh food and bakery will feature more prominently in the new store formula. It has already introduced some 50 new local agricultural items, something Lidl also wants to do in other branches of its stores.