Lidl opens web shop in the Netherlands

Lidl opens web shop in the Netherlands

German supermarket chain Lidl has opened a web shop for non-food items in the Netherlands, the third country to receive such an online store, following Germany and Belgium.

"Logical step"

The web shop's product range is currently limited to clothing, DIY articles, home accessories, garden utensils, kitchen and bath items and sports and leisure products, basically its non-food product range from its physical stores. "This is a logical step for Lidl Netherlands. We love to be where our customers are and that means we have to have an online presence", spokesperson Christine Braun said.


Food is not yet available in Lidl's web shop, but that will change in the future: "We will gradually expand our product range in the future", Braun added.


The German discounter will charge 2.99 euro for shipping and customers can expect their order to be delivered within two working days.