Lidl expands Plus loyalty app to Belgium

Lidl Plus app
Photo: Lidl

Lidl is rolling out its Lidl Plus loyalty app to Belgium. The programme provides customers with extra benefits, such as promotions via digital coupons. A payment option is in the pipeline.


Extra discounts

The discounter has tested its virtual loyalty card in the form of an app during five months with its own employees, and has now deemed it ready for launch for all customers on Monday. Customers will be able to benefit from additional promotions via digital coupons, digital receipt of receipts, access to promotional leaflets and a store locator. After each purchase, customers will also receive a digital scratch card with various benefits. The coupons give up to 10 euros extra discount per week, explains Thomas De Ganck, head of Digital & Innovation.


The application is available for iOS and Android. To register, customers have to provide their name, gender, email address and favourite Lidl store. After registration, an ID number and a QR code are created for each customer, after which they can simply activates the coupons of their choice and scans their digital loyalty card at the checkout. In order to facilitate the use of the application, the company now equips its 305 Belgian stores with wifi.


Payment option on the way

In a next phase, the discounter plans to add a shopping list, a savings programme to receive free items and personalised coupons tailored to purchasing behaviour: for example, a family with young children will receive specific information and coupons for growth milk or nappies.


The discounter is also planning to launch its own payment option: "Lidl Pay is an extra service that we would like to offer our customers, and this feature should be part of the gradual roll-out of our new digital loyalty card", De Ganck says. Lidl Plus is a European project: the virtual loyalty card was launched in Germany at the beginning of 2019 and has since been rolled out to Austria, Spain, Denmark, Poland and, for some months now, the Netherlands