Kaufland blunders with free Coca-Cola

Kaufland blunders with free Coca-Cola
Screenshot Kaufland

Online shoppers at German hypermarket chain Kaufland can take advantage of a unique deal today: some Coca-Cola products are priced at exactly 0.00 euro.


Unprecedented stunt?

Kaufland is known for its low prices but this is unprecedented: today, customers of the webshop can get twelve one-litre bottles of Coca Cola or Fanta zero, twelve one-litre bottles of Sprite regular or zero and a pack of 10x20cl Capri-Sun for free. Some individual Coca-Cola references are also free of charge: "Nur 0.00" is displayed in red on the web pages. An impressive promotion, it would seem.

A further search in the webshop reveals that some Pepsi products and the house brand K-Classic are also sold for free. We can assume that the chance that this is really a stunt, will also be 0.00. It is easy to make a mistake, but it could be costly for Kaufland. We were unable to ascertain whether and how many customers have meanwhile availed themselves of the exceptional offer.

The gaffe was discovered by Daltix, the data specialist that tracks retail prices internationally - and which recently became part of Colruyt Group.

Update: around 16h this afternoon Kaufland adjusted the prices again.