Jumbo and Coop obtain Emté supermarket chain

Jumbo and Coop obtain Emté supermarket chain

Sligro Food Group sold its struggling supermarket chain Emté to a group which consists of supermarket companies Jumbo and Coop.


410 million euro

The group will not only acquire the 130 Emté stores, but also its distribution centers in Kapelle and Putten, its meat plant in Enschede and its supporting operational and commercial divisions in Sligro’s main offices in Veghel. The store real estate, which contains 27 locations, will also be sold to the group, albeit in a separate deal. On top of these two deals, there is a third deal: Sligro will become restaurant chain La Place’s supplier for several years. 


The overall deal is worth 410 million euro: 275 million euro for the supermarkets, 60 million euro for the real estate and another 75 million euro to compensative for the working capital expenses because of the remaining food service and food retail activities that still remain within Sligro Food Group.