Italian Food-focused theme park opens in Bologna

Italian Food-focused theme park opens in Bologna

Fans of Italian cuisine have to head to Italian Bologna, where Eataly World opened, a theme park focused on Italian pasta, wine, pizza and more.

100,000 sqm of food pleasure

Eataly World offers free access to everyone and is basically a huge market with everything related to Italian food. The 100,000 sqm park has more than fourty trattorias, Michelin-starred restaurants, booths for a quick bite and several bars. Seeing how it is so large, it even has special bikes, including baskets, to transport purchases.


Visitors can not only enjoy good food, but also learn about what they eat. Several farms and manufacturers will detail their products and have workshops, for instance on how to make your own pasta.


Children can gawk at the more than 200 animals on the domain. There are also exclusive experiences, where visitors can for instance help find truffles in the field.

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