Incredible growth for

Incredible growth for

Meal delivery service has grown a lot in the third quarter: it processed an additional 40 % in orders in the third quarter and even 42 % across the first three quarters.

Increased market share

There were 17 million orders in the third quarter for The Netherlands are still the company’s largest market, with more than seven million orders (+ 34 %). There was a 39 % order increase in Germany and there was an overall 55 % increase across the other markets. Belgian growth was also incredibly large.


“We have substantially increased our market share throughout our Leading Markets and we expect our expanding network effects to further widen the gap between us and competition”, CEO Jitse Groen said. Thanks to its Dutch growth, which is its most profitable market, the company’s losses dropped, although it did not reveal any actual numbers.


For its fourth quarter, will continue to invest in marketing, particularly outside of the Netherlands. It is already the largest meal delivery service in Germany, but it needs to expand its market share to become profitable. It will also increase its fee for its largest markets, which should bring in an additional 5 % in revenue.