Holland & Barrett wants vegan stores

Holland & Barrett wants vegan stores

British health chain Holland & Barrett (previously known in the Benelux as Essenza) plans to open completely vegan stores, a trend the chain needs to follow according to CEO Peter Aldis.


"Vegan is our market "

The health-conscious consumer is on the rise, according to Holland & Barrett’s CEO in an interview with The Telegraph. Veganism is a growing trend in particular and it fits the specialty store chain perfectly, he feels. “We are working on a fully vegan store”, the CEO said. “It is our market and we need to tap into it.”


He speaks from experience, because his (formerly meat-eating) wife transitioned into veganism, inspired by its increased popularity among celebrities and on social media.


Pressure from consumers

It remains to be seen whether the vegan stores will develop into an entirely separate chain, but Holland & Barrett will adjust its current stores’ product range to meet conscious consumers’ demands. 


It removed gelatine products from the product range and did similarly with krill products after Greenpeace and about 45,000 complaints reached the chain.