H&M launches web shop in Belgium and 11 other countries

H&M launches web shop in Belgium and 11 other countries

Swedish fashion chain H&M has just announced it will launch a web shop in 12 countries, among which Belgium. The rest of the expansion is mainly eastwards, covering most of Central Europe.

Focus on Central Europe

H&M already has a web shop in Belgium's neighboring countries, but for some reason, Belgium had been overlooked up until now - despite a strong H&M presence that has seen 77 stores opened since 1992. Now the Swedes have announced they will launch a web shop in another 12 countries somewhere in 2015, among them Belgium.


The majority of new web shops is in Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will all get their own web shop, along with Portugal. Outside of Europe H&M will launch online stores in India, Peru, Taiwan and South Africa.

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