Heineken merges Belgian activities

Foto Alken-Maes

Dutch drinks conglomerate Heineken is merging its three Belgische entities (Alken-Maes, Stassen and Albert) in order to strengthen their position and simplify management.


300 million euros in turnover

Brewery group Alken-Maes (famous for beers like Maes, Cristal, Affligem, Mort Subite, Hapkin, Strongbow and Desperados) is merging with cider producer Cidrerie Stassen from Liège and malt house Albert, which currently are independent parts among the Heineken empire. As of 1 July, the three companies will join under the flag Alken-Maes as a merger company with a turnover of 300 million euros and over 600 employees.


CEO Edwin Botterman says the merger will bring Heineken's Belgian assets in line with its managing model in onther countries: "Bringing the three companies together in one entity will strengthen their position. Alken-Maes stands on three strong, complementary pillars. That is quite necessary too, because the breweries, cidrerie and maltings are operating in competitive and adult markets."