Heineken and AB InBev argue over Mexican beer sales

Heineken and AB InBev argue over Mexican beer sales

Heineken and AB InBev disagree on the sale of their Latin American beers. Dutch Heineken says Tecate is about to surpass Corona and become the market leader, but AB InBev disagrees.

Faster growth than the competition

According to Heineken Mexico's Dolf Van den Brink, Tecate will surpass Corona's sales early 2017. "We are very close. Tecate manages double-digit growth and the competition only single-digit growth, so it is only a matter of time before those two lines cross and I expect that to happen early next year", Van den Brink told De Telegraaf.


Grupo Modelo, Corona's brewer owned by AB InBev, did not take kindly to that remark.


“We invite Heineken to communicate the numbers they use to make this statement", Grupo Modelo's Pablo Esteban Jiménez told De Telegraaf. According to him, market leader Corona's sales are still quite higher than its competitor, Tecate.