Galler becomes (partly) Belgian again

Galler becomes Belgian again

Chocolate brand Galler is coming (partly) into Belgian ownership again. Former CEO Salvatore Iannello takes the lead again and launches a new strategy, focused on sustainability.


Organic and fair

Iannello invests seven million euros in the chocolate brand along with several other entrepreneurs from Liège, in exchange for a quarter of the company. He sees potential in organic and fair trade chocolate and wants to make his brand more sustainable. With this new strategy comes a new logo and new packaging.


Jean Galler sold his company to the royal family of Qatar in 2018, but the deal was not a big success: turnover dropped and the company suffered heavy losses. According to local media, the majority shareholders have called in Iannello again because he knows the company: he led the chocolate brand from one strength to the next while he was CEO between 2001 and 2013, and he masterminded the successful international expansion of his company.