Former Supergroup CFO sees bankruptcy revoked

Former Supergroup CFO sees bankruptcy revoked

Two months ago Shaun Wills, then CFO at fashion group SuperGroup, was declared bankrupt and subsequently left the company, but he has now managed to get a court to overturn that decision.

Paid his taxes

Wills was declared bankrupt when it became clear he had some 220,000 euro in outstanding taxes, which he has now paid, removing the ground for the bankruptcy decision. He also claimed the situation had nothing to do with his professional career: "I put all of my effort in my work, but not enough in my own personal situation and I should have resolved this situation earlier", he explained to the British paper The Times.


A return to his SuperGroup is not on the cards however: even though the reasons for his step back are no longer present, Wills says it is not likely he will return. Rather, he claims to have received offers from several other companies.