Fipronil crisis forces waffles out of French supermarkets

Fipronil crisis forces waffles out of French supermarkets

Several waffles have been taken off of French shelves because they contain eggs that may have been contaminated with fipronil. 

'No health hazard'

The French Ministry of Agriculture drafted a list of items that may have fipronil-contaminated eggs. As a precautionary measure, all these products have been taken out of stores. Among them waffles of Lotus Bakeries, which were available at several major supermarket chains, like Carrefour, Casino and Leclerc. Lotus said it was only a limited amount of products and that the amount of fipronil they contained is well below the threshold, meaning there is no actual health hazard.


French consumer organizations feel the French government reacted way too late that and now demands sold items should also be recalled, something the government disputes. It claims the amount of fipronil may exceed the threshold, but does not constitute a danger right now. The government is currently sampling products and may in fact recall more products in the near future.


There have been no product recalls because of eggs contaminated with fipronil in either Belgium or the Netherlands.