Fifty percent more turnover for in 2017

Fifty percent more turnover for in 2017

Meal delivery service’s 2017 turnover grew nearly 50 % and its number of orders also massively increased, to more than 68 million.


Growth everywhere’s total 2017 turnover reached 166.5 million euro, up 49 % compared to the year before and its number of orders grew 38 % to 68.3 million. “2017 yielded enormous growth for turnover and the number of orders. Throughout 2017, we invested a lot in marketing, product development and the professionalization of the company”, CEO Jitse Groen said. “We are now, by far, the largest meal delivery service in our prime markets, which was a requirement before we could grow towards profitability.”


Currently, the company does not generate a profit: its net losses grew 36 % to 42 million euro, but those were entirely because of major marketing investments. Marketing costs grew 41 % to 117 million euro, but its gross profit did grow 45 % to 139.5 million euro. At the moment, there is only one market in which generates a profit and that is the Netherlands.


German orders and turnover grew 38 and 57 % respectively and the Netherlands had 30 and 35 % increases. Belgian orders grew from 2.9 to 4.4 million orders, which is more than 50 %. also performed very well in Poland and Austria.