Family feud in Aldi Nord comes to an end

Family feud in Aldi Nord comes to an end

The power struggle at Aldi Nord, which also runs the Belgian and Dutch stores, has ended following a court ruling. The founder family’s influence will be limited.

Changed structure

The entire Aldi Nord case started in 2010 when founder Theo Albrecht’s son, Berthold, wanted to alter the foundations’ structures. These are meant to manage the two chains, but he wanted to change those because he felt his heirs did not possess the right qualities to lead the company. The new structure was intended to give more daily control to professional managers.


After Berthold died in 2012, several heirs appealed the change, saying that the vote was not legal. A long court battle ensued: a court ruled in favour of the heirs, but after an appeal, that decision has now been overturned. The heirs’ power has now been limited.


Despite the judge’s decision, it remains to be seen whether the three foundations in control of the company will now enter a period of peace. Several parts of the family have been at war with each other for years and a court ruling will most likely not change that.