Dutch high-profile transfer: Albert Heijn's Cees van Vliet new COO Jumbo

Albert Heijn's Cees van Vliet new COO Jumbo

Cees van Vliet, until recently responsible for Albert Heijn's stores and distribution, now enters rival Jumbo's board of directors as the new COO. As a result, that board now consists of four people.


Continuous growth

The position of COO is newly created and should enable Jumbo to grow in a healthy way. In a press release, the Dutch retailer says that this adjustment should provide a clearer separation between strategy and policy on the one hand, and daily operations on the other. "Cees will mainly act as a bridgehead between the strategic development of our family business and daily operations in the stores. This way, we ensure that encounters with our millions of customers, both physical and digital, keep our full attention", the press release points out.


Van Vliet had worked at Albert Heijn for 25 years, in various positions. "Cees is a retailer in heart and soul, who brings a lot of experience", CEO Frits van Eerd says in a press release. "His knowledge and abilities are an ideal complement to the strength of our board of directors." That board of directors will now be expanded to four people: CEO Frits van Eerd, CCO Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd, CFO Ton van Veen and COO Cees van Vliet.