Dunkin' is getting rid of the 'Donuts'

Dunkin' communicatie in vernieuwde winkel, Massachusets
Foto: Pere Rubi / Shutterstock.com

Dunkin' Donuts is renaming itself to simply Dunkin': the (former) donut chain has removed the circular pastry out of its name in order to show it has widened its product range.


Coffee and tea, rather than donuts

The word Donuts is to disappear from all communication from January onward: from the logo to the packaging, the American chain known for its glazed pastries will only be using Dunkin' from now on. Since beverages (particularly coffee) make up 60 % of their sales in the United States, the chain wants to present itself as a company focused on drinks. More coffees and teas are being added to the assortment, as well as other kinds of takeaway food. Of course, donuts will remain available.


As consumers are becoming more aware of their health, fast food and sugary or greasy food are getting a bad reputation. Companies like Coca-Cola are seeing decreasing sales numbers, causing the cola manufacturer to go look for new and healthier alternatives. Dunkin' mostly wants to stress the fast part of fast food and not the unhealthy connotation. To provide faster service, new outlets will get digital kiosks, a wider Grab&Go department and a line where those who have ordered in advance by app can cut in. 


Two outlets already have the new name on their signboards. As Dunkin', the company wants to keep on growing, planning to open a thousand new outlets in the US before the end of 2020.