Deliveroo launches take-away service

Deliveroo launches take-away service

Belgian Deliveroo customers can, as of now, order their meals and pick them up at seventy restaurants in Brussels. If this trial is successful, the project will most likely be expanded to other cities as well.


Gaining time

The British meal delivery company now offers its Belgian customers the option to collect their ordered meals, snacks and drinks in the restaurant themselves, eliminating the need to wait. The service is - according to Deliveroo itself - ideal for customers who order a meal from work and pick it up on the way home, without the need to wait in the restaurant as the order will be ready on arrival.


"The time where you had to wait in a restaurant, have passed by", Deliveroo Belgium general manager Pierre Verdier says. "We notice more and more that people have less and less time. This option allows people to spend their time in a more useful manner and to order their meal with one button press. The new option is great for restaurants as well, as they can increase their customer reach", the meal delivery company says in a press release.