Delhaize opens new Fresh Atelier stores in Brussels and Antwerp

Delhaize opens new Fresh Atelier stores in Brussels and Antwerp
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Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize has opened a seventh store of its convenience formula Fresh Atelier, the fourth in Brussels. Soon, the third Antwerp store will also open its doors, at a prime location. The goal remains to have at least thirty stores by the end of the year.


City shops

In the centre of Brussels, near the Royal Circus, Delhaize opened the fourth Brussels store of its city centre concept Fresh Atelier, that combines a fresh 'on the go' food offer with e-commerce pick-up points. This is the seventh location for the new brand, which also has a shop in Leuven and two in Antwerp. A third location in Belgium's second city will soon be added: Fresh Atelier is going to open a store on the Meir, the busiest shopping street in the country.


Delhaize launched Fresh Atelier in October 2018, with a store in the Ravenstein Gallery near the Central Station in Brussels. Central to the concept is a healthy snack bar in collaboration with Foodmaker, offering salads, soups, smoothies, sandwiches, seasonal dishes and sushi. Fresh Atelier also allows shoppers to pick up online orders, with a choice of more than 14,000 products from the total Delhaize range.


The retailer has high ambitions with its premium concept: "The intention is to have at least 30 stores in total by the end of the year", spokesperson Roel Dekelver confirmed to RetailDetail. At the launch, CEO Xavier Piesvaux even talked about a potential of 200 locations within three years. In October last year, the concept received the Mercury Prize from Comeos, an award for the best store concept of the year.