Delhaize Fresh Atelier victim of corona virus

Delhaize Fresh Atelier victim of corona virus
Photo Delhaize

Delhaize discontinues its Fresh Atelier retail formula. The award-winning concept has fallen victim to the corona crisis: the demand for food 'on the go' has come to a standstill. However, the retailer is already brooding on a new concept.


"No failure"

Delhaize discontinues the expansion of its Fresh Atelier retail format due to the fundamental impact of the corona pandemic. After all, consumer expectations have changed drastically since the lockdown. The existing stores are being converted to other formulas that are more responsive to the prevailing needs.

"This is not a failure," emphasizes Delhaize spokesman Roel Dekelver: "We have learned a lot from this and we have implemented elements from the chain in other concepts. But the circumstances are against us: since March there is no demand for food 'on the go' and at the moment we don't see any perspective. We will convert the ten existing stores: partly to Shop & Go and partly to a new concept that better meets consumer expectations". Delhaize will communicate more about that new concept soon.

With Fresh Atelier, Delhaize wanted to serve customers looking for ultra-fresh, healthy, flexible and convenient meal solutions. The stores also functioned as collection points for online orders. The chain opened ten branches, operated by independent entrepreneurs. The concept was awarded as the most innovative store concept in 2019. But then came the corona crisis... "After a thorough analysis of the pilot project, Delhaize today has to conclude that the proposed concept does not meet current customer needs," the retailer states.