Colruyt invests in sustainable water company Robinetto

Colruyt Group takes a minority stake in the Belgian-based start-up Robinetto, which supplies water dispensing systems to the catering industry, institutions and businesses.


Investing in sustainability

Robinetto was founded in 2018 with the aim to replace bottled water with tap water in as many places as possible. After all, both the packaging and the transport of bottled water have a tremendous impact on the environment. The start-up sells and rents out water taps to catering companies, institutions and businesses operating in the events sector. The company also offers systems to filter tap water at home.


Details regarding Colruyt Group's minority stake in Robinetto remain undisclosed. The investment fits within the theme of sustainability, which the retail group has also been promoting in its stores for years. Colruyt is currently trialling three water filter installations from its new partner to encourage employees to drink more tap water. "Who knows, thanks to Robinetto's know-how, we might soon be able to purify water ourselves and use it at our production sites", says spokeswoman Hanne Poppe in Belgian newspaper De Tijd.


In recent months, the retailer has already made several notable investments, including in fitness chain JIMS and online pharmacy Newpharma. "A contemporary retailer needs to diversify with activities, without losing the connection with its core business", Poppe said. "With JIMS and Newpharma, we want to respond to the theme of health, which is also important in our stores."