Coca-Cola is strongest global brand, but local brands are on the rise

Coca-Cola is strongest global brand, but local brands are on the rise

Coca-Cola, Colgate and Maggi are the most popular FMCG brands worldwide, according to a Kantar Worldpanel report. Local brands are stealing market share however.


Colgate has highest penetration

Kantar Worldpanel’s researchers published their top 50 of most popular global brands for the sixth straight time. They analysed more than 18,000 brands and one billion families in 43 countries in five continents between November 2016 and November 2017. They studied how many families bought each brand worldwide and how often.


There are few changes at the top of the ranking: Coca-Cola and Colgate are still first and second, but Maggi jumps from fourth to third. Lay’s is also from seventh to fifth. Knorr enters the top 10, but Nestlé is no longer part of that top 10. Colgate is the only brand that is bought by more than 50 % of the global population, with a 62 % penetration. Nestlé’s Maggi is the most rapidly-expanding brand. Unilever has the world’s strongest brand collection, with Lifebuoy, Sunsilk and Knorr in the top 10 and Dove, Lux and Sunlight also featuring in the top 50.


Alternative channels

22 brands in the top 50 managed to strengthen their position, Kantar Worldpanel CEO, Josep Montserrat, said. They have mainly achieved growth thanks to alternative channels like out-of-home, eCommerce, discounters, cash & carry and convenience stores. The study does show that local brands continue to grow: they represent 64.6 % of overall sales. They can adapt more quickly to local needs and market trends. Global brands lose market share in food, dairy, household and skin care products. The only field of growth is that of drinks.


Regional European brands with strong growth are Pescanova (Spain and Portugal), Bonne Maman (France, Italy, United Kingdom), Petit Navire (France), Tate & Lyle (United Kingdom), Arla (Germany, United Kingdom, Benelux) and Alpro (Benelux, Germany, United Kingdom).


The top ten

 Position  Brand  Manufacturer
 1.  Coca-Cola  The Coca-Cola Company
 2.  Colgate  Colgate-Palmolive
 3.  Maggi  Nestlé
 4.  Lifebuoy  Unilever
 5.  Lay's  Pepsico
 6.  Pepsi  PepsiCo
 7.  Nescafé  Nestlé
 8.  Indomie  Indofood
 9.  Sunsilk  Unilever
 10.  Knorr  Unilever

(Source: Kantar Worldpanel)