Champagne experiences absolute record year

Champagne experiences absolute record year

Never before did consumers buy as much champagne as they did in 2015 according to the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne. Particularly its non-European sales grew a lot more.

4.75 billion euro

Champagne sales reached a record global 4.75 billion euro turnover, up 5.6 % compared to 2014. That translates into 312.5 million bottles, up 1.7 % compared to the year before. Volume-wise, that is not the biggest year ever as champagne sales in 2007 were even bigger (339 million bottles).


Export (+4 %) helped the industry grow the most, as French sales stabilized at 162 million bottles. The champagne houses and farmers exported 80.2 million bottles to the rest of the European Union (+ 3.3 %), with Great Britain, Germany and Belgium as the three largest areas. Another 70.5 million bottles were shipped to the rest of the world (+ 4.8 %).


The more expensive and special types of champagne (rosé, millésime, ...) sold best with non-European consumers, while December was (and is traditionally) the best-selling month with more than 42 million bottles.


Backed by these excellent results, the French export of alcoholic beverages (including non-sparkling wines and brandies) is back at record heights, following 2 weaker years: France exported 11.7 billion euros worth of wines of other alcoholic beverages, an 8.7 % increase compared to 2014.