Carrefour gives its private label a makeover

Carrefour gives its private label a makeover
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At the end-of-year fair Carrefour Belgium showed the renewed look of its own brand. New packaging and sub-brands should make the products easier to find and more recognisable on the shelf.


Growth for Bio and Veggie

The brand name Carrefour is no longer prominent on the new packaging, but the Carrefour logo is. The packaging emphatically adopts the colour codes of their category: for example, the decaffeinated coffee is blue and the milk chocolate is red. "We have developed these packaging in dialogue with our consumers," says spokeswoman Aurélie Gerth. "They indicate that they find some products difficult to find on the shelf because there is so much choice. By using the known colour codes, the products become easier to find on the supermarket shelves".

In addition to these colour codes, Carrefour also adds sub-brands that highlight certain characteristics of the products. There are five of them:

-Classic: simple and good products, quality for every day

-Extra: gourmet products to please myself every day

-Original: the rediscovery of good taste

-Sensation: new experiences to break the daily grind

-The Market: quality fresh products.

At the end-of-year fair, which was organised 'coronaproof', the retailer showed a total of 1,100 Carrefour products, including 250 novelties, 350 'healthy prices' and 330 Carrefour Bio products. In total there are now some 700 Bio references: new is a range of baby food. The company also presented three new products under the Carrefour quality chain: a Belgian Brie, fresh cheese and semi-skimmed milk. There are now 70 Quality Chains, exactly half of which are Belgian. The Carrefour Veggie range is growing rapidly: from 6 references in 2019 to 24 now and 32 by the end of the year. All in all, the veggie category now has 137 references. The 'Belgians,' brand of authentic Belgian delicacies is also expanding and now has 21 references. They also appear on the shelves in France, Spain and Italy.