Carrefour expands its Bio formula

Carrefour expands its Bio formula

The very first Carrefour Bio opened its doors three years ago in Paris, paving the way for another 4 Bio stores. By the end of the year, the French supermarket chain aims to have 10 Bio stores, with a larger product range in - on average - larger stores.

Pick up the pace

The sixth Carrefour Bio will open next week in Paris' 19th district, according to trade paper Linéaires. It took the formula three years to reach five stores, but it has now picked up the pace and will open five new ones this year, all in and around Paris. 


The formula itself has evolved as well: the very first Carrefour Bio was 170 sqm and had 2,000 products on sale, but the new stores will range between 200 and 300 sqm and sell 3,700 different products, with 1,500 private label products among those. Independent entrepreneurs will manage all of the new stores.


Bio and environmentally conscious

The Carrefour Bio convenience stores, opened from 8 to 21h and on Sunday morning, are not only limited to biological products, but also aim to be environmentally conscious in other areas. They use closed cooling furniture, LED lighting, offer products in bulk and place vegetables and fruit in paper bags. 


Carrefour France will also keep supporting the Carrefour Bio brand in its regular supermarkets and hypermarkets. "We sold more than 125 million products in 2015, which means Carrefour Bio is France's largest bio brand", Carrefour premium brand director Richard Vavasseur said. A television-focused ad campaign should help promote Carrefour Bio products in March and April.