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Carrefour continues to lose French market share

Carrefour continues to lose French market share

Kantar Worldpanel’s new numbers underline the fact that Carrefour CEO Alexandre Bompard is facing a huge challenge. Out of every supermarket chain, his chain suffered the largest market share loss in France last month.

Online growth

Both the group’s hypermarkets and supermarkets lost market share in the company’s home territory. Hypermarkets had to deal with smaller average shopping basket and supermarkets welcomed fewer customers.


One of France’s major winners was E.Leclerc because its customers not only spent more in stores, but also in the pick-up locations. Intermarché also advanced thanks to increased customer expenditures and more store visits. The hard discounters also had an enjoyable period in France: Aldi and Lidl attracted more customers and each won 6 points. Auchan lost market share despite a sizeable increase in marketing funds.  


Overall, French purchases grew 2.2 % in November. Hypermarkets suffered, but supermarkets and online platforms both made strides. Online food sales now contribute 6.1 % to the overall  food sales. 

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