Carrefour Belgium reshuffles board

Carrefour Belgium reshuffles board
Foto: Carrefour

Guillaume de Colonges, who recently became the operational head of Carrefour Belgium, has set his strategic priorities and reshuffled his Belgian board. The changes will be applied starting 1 November. 

Geoffroy Gersdorff becomes secretary-general

Executive director for North and Eastern Europe, Guillaume de Colonges, feels Carrefour Belgium should focus on more omnichannel, more local, more coherency and more adaptability. He has therefore reorganized his local team and has appointed former exploitation director for hypermarkets, Geoffroy Gersdorff, as the secretary-general tasked with the strategy’s execution in Belgium. Gersdorff will therefore become Carrefour Belgium’s new face.


Previously, three different people were in charge of the store chain’s operations, but that will now be done by one COO, Hilde Decadt. Former director of expansion and real estate, Steven Boel, will take charge of the integrated stores and Giosino Cornacchia (former exploitation director for Carrefour Express) will do likewise for the franchise stores. Both will report directly to Geoffroy Gersdorff.


Former commercial director David Kestermans is the new marketing director, while the responsibilities for logistics and merchandise are merged and put in the hands of Gilles Ballot. He was born in France and worked closely with Guillaume de Colonges in Poland. Financial director Javier Rubio will return home to Spain and will be succeeded by Francis Costenoble. 


Spokesperson Baptiste Van Outryve says this is a very positive evolution: “The organization will become more agile. It makes perfect sense to unite every store formula under a single board. We will become even more Belgian, something that has been a core focus for quite some time. We look towards the future with confidence.”