Burger King launches two vegan burgers throughout Europe

Burger King launches two vegetable burgers in Europe

Fast food chain Burger King is going to bring two plant-based burgers to market throughout Europe: the 'Rebel Whopper' and the 'Rebel Chicken King'.


Approved by Swedes

Vivera, a Dutch manufacturer of vegetarian products, has developed the new version of the Chicken King, while the meatless version of the famous Whopper was developed by Marfrig Global Foods and Archer-Daniels-Midland. Both burgers were launched in Sweden this summer, Bloomberg reports.


Burger King wants to respond to the increasing popularity of vegetable-based products, as the competition is not standing still either: McDonald's has been experimenting with the PLT sandwich (Plant-Lettuce-Tomato) in Canada, as an alternative to the well-known BLT (Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato) sandwich. In the Netherlands, the world's largest hamburger chain most recently launched vegetarian nuggets.


In the United States, another vegetarian burger from Burger King, the 'Impossible Whopper', is already for sale in more than 7000 branches. According to the company, the Whopper, which was co-developed by Impossible Foods, is a huge success. However, genetic engineering was used in the production process for it, which means that (for the time being) the company is not permitted to sell the burger in Europe.