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Burberry retail turnover up 17 %

Burberry retail turnover up 17 %

Luxury brand Burberry has managed a 17 % turnover increase in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2014/15, with growth in each region and in every product branch.

Growth in every branch

British Burberry's total retail turnover reached 370 million pounds (465 million euro), a 17 % growth with like-for-like turnover up 12 %. The company managed a double-digit growth in Asia and America, while there has only been small growth in Europe. Its three largest product categories have also performed quite well apparently, with double-digit growth here as well.


"This first quarter performance reflects our focus on striving to give customers the best possible experience of the Burberry brand through ongoing investment in retail, digital and service, both on and offline. The 12 % increase in comparable sales demonstrates our teams’ success in unlocking the benefits of these investments", CEO Christopher Bailey said proudly.

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