A Belgian online shop for Jumbo? "It's on the way!"

A Belgian online shop for Jumbo? "It's on the way!"
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The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo will soon be launching its web shop in Belgium, commercial director Colette Cloosterman-Van Eerd said. The company is also expanding its online offering in the Netherlands, with amongst others a new app.


"On the way"

For the time being, Belgian customers can only order their groceries from Jumbo online via the Dutch web shop, where the range, prices and promotions sometimes differ from those found in Belgian stores. These orders can then also only be picked up at designated pick-up points in the Netherlands. However, that could all change quickly: the supermarket chain is also going to enter the Belgian online market, CCO Cloosterman-Van Eerd revealed yesterday at the e-commerce fair Webwinkel Vakdagen: "It is on the way", as Twinkle quotes her.


Even though the online share at Jumbo has risen to 4 %, it is difficult to make money through e-commerce, the CCO admits. "But fortunately, we can see that omni-channel customers are better customers. You have to look at the bigger picture. In supermarkets, one product is also more profitable than another." The retailer takes a broad view of the possibilities of online: it goes beyond mere shopping. In addition, the B2B-market also offers potential.


Smartphone apps

In the Netherlands, the chain has performed home deliveries for some time; recently they even started a meal delivery project from shops in Groningen, Amsterdam and Utrecht. The company also recently launched the new digital loyalty programme called Jumbo Extras (currently in forty stores): through that app, customers can save for free groceries and get discounts on trips, or on the cooking & dining range.


A special application is Foodcoach, which is an app that wants to help people make conscious, responsible and tasty food choices. The app was originally developed for professional athletes, such as footballers playing for PSV. Meanwhile, it is also used by cyclists, speedskaters and hockey players, among others, and soon it will be available to all Dutch people to use.