Beerwulf doubles to ten countries served

Beerwulf, a Dutch speciality beers web shop, is expanding into five new countries: Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland join the five countries where the web shop is already active.


Ten countries served

Beerwulf thus doubles the number of countries in which the it is active, Dutch web magazine Twinkle reports. Currently, the Dutch start-up is only active in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


It is not yet known when the launches will actually take place. Marketing manager Marc Scholten previously announced that further expansion was on the cards, to a ‘shortlist’ of countries that had been selected based on various criteria - such as the logistics, the market for speciality beers and the “position of speciality beers in total alcohol consumption” were taken into account.


Beerwulf is also expanding its market by linking up to The Sub, Heineken’s home draught beer system. That system is already available today in the new markets in which Beerwulf will soon be launching. The link with Heineken is no coincidence, since the beer giant is a shareholder in the online retailer.