Barry Callebaut to print chocolate creations in 3D

Barry Callebaut to print chocolate creations in 3D
Mona Lisa (Barry Callebaut)

Barry Callebaut has announced the unveiling of what it calls "the world's first personalized 3D printed chocolate at scale", which would allow it to create unique chocolate experiences. The innovation allows the company to "address consumers’ desire for an instagrammable life".


Unique designs

Barry Callebaut launches the service through its chocolate decoration label Mona Lisa, enabling personalised 3D-printed chocolate on a large scale for the first time. Chefs can now design their unique creations and reproduce them quickly and still affordably, no matter how intricate the design is. The creations can then be used for desserts, confectionery, hot drinks and pastries - meaning the target market will be mostly chefs, hotels, coffee chains and other kinds of hotels or restaurants.


"Innovation is an important pillar of Barry Callebaut’s proven ‘smart growth’ strategy. I am delighted that the Mona Lisa 3D Studio allows chefs to create unique consumer experiences at scale. This technological breakthrough innovation positions the Mona Lisa brand at the forefront of the industry and strengthens Barry Callebaut’s global leadership in Decorations", says Pablo Perversi, Barry Callebaut's Chief Innovation Officer.


The company hopes consumers will flock to the new possibilities the company gives them to enhance the "aesthetics of food". According to its own research, 70 % of its customers want to try out new chocolate experiences and most of them also want to share them on social media, and its new technology helps to "push the boundaries of what’s possible aesthetically", the press release concludes.