Auchan trials grocery-carrying robots

Auchan trials grocery-carrying robots

French supermarket chain Auchan is testing robots that can carry groceries for the customers. The WiiGO robot is set to perform its first test at the Auchan store in Englos, near Lille.

Always near the customer

Thanks to a camera, the WiiGo can recognize its customer and track him through the store, staying within 1.5 meters of its user. The robot should also facilitate things at the cash register, as the chain has set up a special register, especially for the robot.


The robot will be tested during a month and afterwards, depending on the results, the trial will be expanded to other stores. The robot is a prototype right now, costing thousands of euros.


Customers who are not as mobile as others, like pregnant women or the elderly, will get to use the robot first. The supermarket chain has already trialed similar technology in Portugal, with mostly positive feedback as a result.