Aldi Süd reveals the "store of the future"

Aldi Süd reveals the "store of the future"

Aldi Süd spent two years to create an innovative store formula that emphasizes quality and service more strongly. The discounter aims to remodel all of its stores into this new standard by 2019.

Evolution, not a revolution

A coffee machine with fair trade coffee, a cooling station with snacks and drinks, LED lights, a customer toiler and a seating area behind the cash registers... these are just a few astonishing elements that customers will see in the Aldi store in Unterhaching, a city near Munich. 

A new drinks area will improve its wine selection, while its fresh area filled with vegetables, fruit, meat and meal components is the heart of the store. Despite these innovation, the familiar pallets will still be present, but they will be hidden behind a more beautiful decor. Basically, it is an evolution, not a revolution, because it does not want to scare away its regular customers.


Safeguard price image

The new store formula is designed to battle the stronger competition from service supermarkets. Independent retailers and companies like Rewe are stealing away market share again in the very price-focused German market. Arch rival Lidl has also upped its game and that has resulted in many (mainly younger) shoppers sticking with their habitual supermarket instead of going to Aldi for some cheap purchases.

Observers point out that Aldi Süd's counter may be dangerous: the discounter cannot neglect its price image. For example, in its pilot store, mangos and avocados are sold for 1.59 and 1.39 euro respectively, pricing which is higher than in many other supermarkets according to Süddeutsche Zeitung. 

You can browse images of Aldi's new formula here