Aldi Nord and Süd merge private labels

Aldi Nord and Süd merge private brand names
Foto: Aldi

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are working on the previously announced standardisation of their private brands. By the end of this year, most of the assortment will be modified.


Uniform brands and packaging

This year, both branches of the discount chain will merge around a hundred brands: Aldi Nord will offer dozens of its private labels to Aldi Süd and vice versa. The changes will mainly affect brand names and packaging. In some cases, the product itself will also be modified, for example, in the form of a new variety or a fully optimised recipe.


Aldi considers the unification and modernisation of its private labels a logical step, which should secure its market position and competitiveness. It is remain necessary to be able to offer quality at the best price: after all, the discounter wants the customers to benefit from the savings realised through more efficient processes and joint marketing wherever possible. "It is a tradition for Aldi to pass on savings to customers wherever possible. We will stay true to that", says Aldi Süd's managing director of corporate buying, Simon Gelzer.



About 90 % of the discounter's product range consists of private labels. By the end of the year, most of the standardisation should be completed. "In the future, our customers will find the same Aldi brands everywhere - in Hamburg or Munich, in Berlin or Cologne", Gelzer explains.


The assimilation of private labels was already announced in the middle of last year. In recent years, Aldi Nord and Süd have increasingly come closer to each other: for example in joint marketing campaigns. Last month, rumours even surfaced that both branches of the chain were working behind the scenes towards a complete merger of the company, but the retailer formally denied that at the time.