Aldi Nord and Süd grow closer together

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The two branches of Aldi, Nord and Süd, are going to unify their private labels. By 2020, customers of both chains will only be able to buy the same brands, spelling the end of brands like Topstar and Milsani.


Topstar becomes River, Milsani becomes Milfina 

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are making a big step towards their reconciliation: the discount chains of the Albrecht brothers are merging their product range. Throughout 2019 and 2020, the existing private labels will gradually be unified. For example, Aldi Süd's Topstar soft drinks will be replaced by River, which was previously only sold at Aldi Nord. In turn, Nord's familiar Milsani yoghurt will be replaced by Milfina, according to German consumer magazine Chip.


The process should be completed next year. The idea is to save on expenses and achieve more economy of scale through joint purchases. For some product groups, Aldi Nord will use its regular supplier for both chains, whereas for other brands, Aldi Süd will be purchasing for the whole group. The discounters do stress that their purchasing departments will remain separate.


Promotions and non-food together as well

Aldi Süd and Nord were split up in 1960, after a dispute about cigarettes. Lately they have been growing closer again. For example, the chains work together on national marketing campaigns in Germany. In the future, this will also become possible for the private labels, since they will be the same. 


The two discounters will also be offering the same non-food products and promotions by late 2020 at the latest. Or at least they will be doing that in the domestic market of Germany. A full merger of the two companies has not yet been discussed, sources say.