Aldi is Belgium's biggest Fairtrade retailer

Foto Aldi

Discounter Aldi has almost doubled its Fairtrade turnover to become the largest retailer in the Fairtrade market in Belgium, with a market share of 16 % - compared to just 10 % the year before. Bananas and roses are the fastest growing products.


77.2 % growth

In one year's time, Aldi's contribution to the Fairtrade organisation rose by 77.2 % to 444,500 euro. That makes it Belgium's biggest Fairtrade retailer, according to Fairtrade Belgium's annual Impact Report. Aldi's growing market share is remarkable, given the fact that the Belgian Fairtrade market itself is growing so fast. Head of sustainability Hans De Bremme is inspired by the success and announces a Fairtrade week in all Belgian Aldi stores, with a temporary product range extension including Fairtrade cocoa milk, muesli and organic candies.


Fairtrade-label products guarantee its producer a decent price and add to that a grant to invest in local projects of a social, economic of educative nature. Kenyan rose producer Panda Flowers, who provides Aldi with its Fairtrade roses, has chosen to invest in local education (including 1,500 scholarship grants), health services (a maternity ward), a more sustainable production process (including solar panels) and equal rights for men and women. Fairtrade director Nicolas Lambert sees this as "an important step, that has an immediate and positive influence on the living conditions of thousands of workers."