AB InBev will market American beers in Belgium

AB InBev will market American beers in Belgium

Belgian-Brazilian brewing giant AB InBev will double down on its efforts to market its American Goose Island beers in Belgium. They were launched about a year ago, but need to gain more visibility in bars now.


AB InBev will not yet launch major ad campaigns on television or on other media, but rather organizes events revolving around its beers. For instance, it will have “hoppy hours”, tasting in bars. Customers can also win prizes when they order these beers.


The Belgian company has owned Goose Island since 2011 and introduced these beers in Belgium last year, mainly in bars with a large beer range. It also sells these craft beers at supermarket chains Delhaize, Carrefour and Albert Heijn. The craft beer focus is AB InBev’s way to deal with the altered Belgian beer market, because Belgian beer consumption is dwindling, especially for lagers.


American beers are hardly popular in Belgium right now: only 5,876 hectoliters were imported last year, which is roughly the same as the annual production of brewery Westvleteren - which is notoriously low.