AB InBev and CFO Felipe Dutra part ways

AB InBev and CFO Felipe Dutra part ways

Felipe Dutra, CFO at the world's biggest brewery group AB InBev and trusted deputy of CEO Carlos Brito for the last fifteen years, has stepped down. The departure does not come as a surprise and is part of a wider restructuring at the top of the beer giant.



Unrest had been brewing for a few months at AB InBev: at the beginning of last month, the first rumours about Dutra's departure started spreading. These have now been officially confirmed in a press release: Dutra will be replaced by Fernando Tennenbaum after the annual shareholders' meeting at the end of April. Dutra's successor has been with AB InBev for fifteen years and is currently CFO for the Brazilian division.


Dutra has worked for AB InBev for twenty years and was instrumental in the company's acquisition strategy, making it the largest brewery group in the world. In recent years, his position has come under increasing pressure due to the (expensive) acquisition of SABMiller, causing AB InBev to face a massive debt. The beer giant was also hit hard at the stock exchange.


In addition to Dutra's departure, AB InBev also announces the appointment of David Almeida as Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, while Nelson Jamel becomes the new Chief People Officer. Both have been working for the brewer for more than twenty years: the former currently holds the position of Chief People and Strategy Officer, while the latter is Vice President Finance and Technology in North America.