85 million euro additional funds for HelloFresh

85 million euro additional funds for HelloFresh

HelloFresh has received another 85 million euro in fresh funds from an unknown investor and Baillie Gifford, who had previously invested in the company. In exchange, Rocket Internet lowered its own stake from 56 % to 53 %.


With the additional funds, HelloFresh is now valued at two billion euro, important news for the company's near future as the investment may be a next step to prepare the meal box delivery service for an IPO. Normally, the IPO would have taken place in 2015, but it was cancelled at the last minute. 


With the funds an IPO would bring, HelloFresh wants to increase its worldwide subscribers' base. In the first half of the current fiscal year, its turnover (and its losses) doubled compared to last year. 


HelloFresh still has extensive marketing campaigns to attract new customers and that is the main reason for its increased losses. For instance, the launch of the meal box service in the United States required a lot of investment.